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Worldclass premier neurofunk vocals, anyone?
Make some noise for the mighty COPPA, first time in Hannover!
With performances in over 39 countries, the british artist representing the labels „Eatbrain“ and „Comanche“ got voted „Best International MC“ 9 years in a row (!) at the Czech & Slovak DNB Awards. Neurofunk vocals at it´s best!
Profuze is a cutting edge producer and DJ based in Austria staking his place in the drum and bass scene with a forward thinking style and innovative sound, twisting his experience and passion into every track he makes and sets he throws down. With releases spanning major labels in neurofunk like Eatbrain, Neuropunk, Expedite Records, High Resistance Recordings, Shell Shock and more.
Voted as the best producer of noth germany, hannover based Dj & Producer SMEERLAPP already published tracks on „ProgRAM“ and „Hanzom“ records and is the mastering engineer behind „Neurophoria“Enjoy his performance, alongside MC COPPA, of course!
Also kickin it seriously hard on the set will be SERIOUZ, DJ & producer @ Neurophoria. And the CEO of the show, DJ KR33P.
Support by the anticipated newcomers DJ KEYZ & KIILLAFISH!


[Eatbrain / Comanche Records]
[Eatbrain / Neuropunk / Shellshock]
[ProgRAM / Hanzom]
▶ KR33P (H)

23h ● 18+ ● AK 15€

NDNB Summer Edition! 💥
Welcome the winner of the Czech BASS AWARDS 2023!!
Make some noise for KAIRA!
„Specializing in the more dynamic and unrelenting subgenres of drum & bass, Kaira’s heart beats to the rhythm of energetic and uncompromising neurofunk, which she reveres as a timeless art form. Her signature style is characterized by its precision, delivering punchy mixes and a meticulously curated selection that captivates audiences.
Kaira’s sonic prowess has graced numerous stages across the Czech Republic and Europe, leaving a trail of electrifying performances in her wake. Her contributions extend beyond the decks as she plays a pivotal role in the BTALK podcast, where she assumes the role of host, showcasing and engaging with producers and DJs from the Czechoslovak drum & bass scene.“

❂ Das komplette Lineup ❂

▶ KR33P (H)
▶ DJ GB (HI)
Support Team:
▶ TRIPTUNE b2b KEYZ b2b J.N.S (H)

23h ● 18+ ● AK 12€

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